WODs 9.4.17 - 9.8.17 - Monday Labor Day One Workout at 9:00 AM ONLY

Need one on one nutrition assistance? Mark Jenkins (205) 937-2870 is offering personal nutrition coaching as well as personal training.  Some people require more individualized training. If you know someone that is looking for help in this area let's hook them up with Mark. 

Our next intro course at J19 starts on September 12th. This course is perfect for all levels to get started on the fitness journey. They will be with a group of beginners and learn the basic movements. Register Here

Monday (Labor Day) - 9 AM Huge Group WOD - Everyone Welcome. Invite your friends! 1 workout only!

Teams of two - three

Starting at 1 and adding a rep each round for 30 Mins. Split work any way but only one athlete works at a time except on runs. Do not add a run each time just do it once where written into the workout. 

Push Ups

Sit Ups


Muscle up or pull ups

Run 100 Meters - All partners.  


1. Back Squat
Work to a Heavy Single

30 Thrusters (95/65)
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
30/21 Calorie Row
30 Toes to Bar


1. Snatch Grip Dead Lift
3 Second Pause in Power Position

2. Conditioning
400 Meter Run, 50 Wallballs (20/14)
400 Meter Run, 35 Deadlifts (135/95)
400 Meter Run, 20 Burpee Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
400 Meter Run, 35 Deadlifts (135/95)
400 Meter Run, 50 Wallballs (20/14)


1. Conditioning
For Time:
1k Row
20 Stone over shoulder
40 GHD Sit-ups or MB Sit ups
750 Meter Row
15 Stone over shoulder
30 GHD Sit-ups or MB
500 Meter Row
10 Stone over shoulder
20 GHD Sit-ups

*extra work

2. Jerk from Rack


1. Conditioning
5 Rounds:
Max Bodyweight Bench Press
Max Strict Pull-Ups

Front Squat to a heavy single.





WODs 11.2.15 - 11.6.15 - WOW November!

Can you believe it's November? 

New intro class starts next Monday November 9th. There are still a few spots left.  If you know someone that should dip there toe into CFJ19 let them know about the intro class please and thank you. Click here to get to the page on the website. 

The 4th annual Grinch Games is Saturday December 19th.  This event is open only to J19 members, family and invited guests.  If you have not participated in Grinch Games before it's an event you don't want to miss. The event will sell out.  Register and get more info here.  http://crossfitj19.com/grinch-games/



Back Squats

1 Set ME BW for men and 90% BW for women


If last week you were unable to get at least 10 BS keep the same percentage from last week and try again

5 min rest


50 WB 20/14

50 STO 95/65

50 WB 20/14


10 min to Practice MU, establishing false grip


Advanced practice UB sets



KB Snatch 70/53

Ring Dips


EMOM 12 min

Min 1 20 sec L Sit

Min 2 5-8 weighted ring rows

Min 3- 10 Plank Ups


Buy in 1000m row


5 Rounds

Farmers Carry 100m AHAP

20 Med Ball Situps 20/14


15 Min CAP

25 Clean and Jerk 95-55

25 Box Jumps 24/20

20 Clean and Jerk 115/65

20 Box Jumps

15 Clean and Jerk 135/75

15 Box Jumps

10 Clean and Jerk 155/85

10 Box Jumps

5 Clean and Jerk 185/95

5 Box Jumps

ME Clean and Jerk 205/115


Teams of 2


On a 35-minute clock with a partner:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:

30 double-unders

15 pull-ups

15 push-ups

100-meter sprint

Then, 5 minutes to find a 1-rep-max partner deadlift

For the AMRAP, have one partner work while the other rests, switching after a full round is completed. If you're performing without a partner, rest 90 seconds between each round, and find a regular 1-rep-max deadlift.