WODs 6.12.17 - 6.16.17 - Team Championship Event 3

Everyone is doing awesome on the Team Championship. The Triple 3s was tough! I sure have been sore. Something about having a partner just pushes you harder. Do your best to follow the instructions on the score entry forms. Because scheduling your partner workouts can be challenging we are going to be flexible in regards to getting your scores entered. Do your best in this area to keep up. 

All scoring and entry info can be found on the website at this link.  

We have a new intro to Crossfit class starting on July 11th. This class will cover the foundations of crossfit. More info and to register at this link


E90Seconds for 8 Rounds - Start light and work to a heavy

1 power snatch plus one hang snatch and 1 full snatch - TNG at floor (if you do not have a mature squat on that full snatch do another power clean and OHS)


10 Min AMRAP 

Burpee Long Jump 20' 

20 Double Unders

20 Second Static Handstand Hold - Use wall to modify - Can do wall walk


2 Rounds

20 FS - First Round Use 95/65 Second Round Use 135/95

20 Jerks 

20 Back Squats

20 Cleans


Row 1000

20 Pull Ups

Run 750

20 KB Swings 70/53

Row 500

10 Pull Ups

Run 250

10 KB Swings

Thursday - Team Championship Event 3

Max reps BW back squat

Max reps in 5 mins of burpees. You do not have to clap over your head or jump. Your chest and hips must touch the floor and you must FULLY extend your hips at the top. Please use your phone to film this event so there is not any question. 

Score is total reps combined for for both team members. Please enter the score together. 




Push Ups

Sit Ups

Bridge Ups - This part is not for speed but squeeze :) .