WODs 3.20.17 - 3.24.17 - Final week of the Open.

The last week of the Open and the weather is turning warm.

The Open this year has been my favorite of all. Whether you are participating or not you have to admit that it's quite exciting. I love how people encourage one another so fiercly. I encourage everyone to do it next year. It brings all the game time build up back to life. The preparation to attempt to give all you have is an experience to be lived through many times. It empowers you to do more than you once thought. 

Bootcamp classes M-W-F 5 AM and 11:30   M-TH 5:30 PM. Saturday 10 AM  - All bootcamp classes are bring a friend. The bootcamp only membership is $100/MO.  Bring a friend in and they sign up we will give you $50. 


12 min to work to a 3 rep power clean (power not squat)

20 min

30 on/30 off for total reps

Thrusters 75/55


SDHP 75/55



EMOM 12 min

Min 1- 2 FS@84%

Min 2- 10 Box Step ups with DB-20 inches for all switch legs each round

Min 3 Rest



20 min

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Air squats


Teams of 3

2 people work at a time

30 min to run a 5k

75 Stone to shoulder

75 GTO 75/55

75 KBS 70/53

75 Hang Snatch 75/55

One person is running at all times while the other two members perform the reps

Once all reps are performed 2 people from team may both work on run

Workout is over once all reps and running is performed

For time with a 30 min cap—if it takes over 30 min time is 30 min plus reps and meters left in seconds


24 min

1 min on 1 min off for max total reps

After 3 rounds of 1 movement you will rotate or every 6 min

Movements are as follow

  1. Bike for cals
  2. Box Jumps 20 inches for all
  3. Row for cals
  4. Jump Squats

Score is total reps

Friday 17.5