WODs 1.23.17 - 1.27.17 - FOCUS - Be Consistent - Encourage

Here we are week #4 of the new year. One month away from the open. This is the turning point. Will you keep scrapping or get lazy?  Your greatest odds for success will be to stay around a community of people that have similar goals. Let's all encourage one another to press through and push hard. 

Child care is available by appointment 9:15 AM  4:30 PM 5:30 PM.  Each time is limited to 6 children.  The cost is $5/HR. 

Bootcamp classes with start again next Monday January 30th.  5AM 11;30AM M-W-F and 5:30 PM M-TH *child care available at 5:30 PM only by appointment. 

We have 25 new athletes joining our intro challenge starting next week. Give them a high five and let them know they can do anything they put their mind too. 


12 EMOM from rack or ground

Min 1 5 FS 70% 1 RM

Min 2 20 Split Lunges-explosive alternating legs

Min 3 Rest

Rest 2 min then

E4MOM for 20 min

200m run

40 DU

40 Air Squats

Score is slowest time

If you do not complete any rounds within the 4 min time cap from that point on it becomes a AMRAP


Work to the heaviest complex of

3 Hang Cleans +Jerk  



5 rounds

12 DB or KB DL RX: 45/35 or 44/35 RX+: 55/45 or 53/44 Scale:35/25 or 35/26

9 DB/KB Squat Hang cleans

6 STO with DB or KB


3 sets for quality

3 Candlestick to lever- hands grab pole, legs up to vertical position with tight core, slow decent down stopping at hollow lever position

6 Hollow Rocks

9 Back extension

16 min tabata abs

4 min at each exercise 20 on/10 off

Med Ball Sit ups

V Ups

Bicycle crunches

Scissor Kicks


Teams of 3 Waterfall Style for time:

Team member can not start working on the next part until team member in front of them is done

750/650m row

50 Box Jumps 24/20

30 DL RX+ 275/165 RX 225/145

10 Bar MU or hardest possible movement- C2B, pull ups, jumping pull ups, ring rows weighted, ring rows


Every 3 min increasing reps by 2 until failure:

6 OHS 95/65 – all bars start from ground

6 T2B

6 Burpees



File_000 (20).jpeg