WOD's 9.26.16 - 9.30.16 - Next intro to fitness class starts - 10.4.16

Moving into the cooler weather season!  I am so excited!  Nothing better than a cool breeze blowing as a drop of sweat falls to the floor from your nose. 

So many cool things happening at J19.  New bootcamp classes available to all of our existing membership. Our goal is to have 5 per day M-F. More info at www.fithoover.com  We want to have a source of fitness that meets the needs of everyone.  Please tell everyone that these classes are available. These classes will be challenging but not as technical and heavy as Crossfit.  If you have a nagging injury bootcamp may be a good choice for a while. 

If you have someone on your heart that could benefit from our community at J19, tell them about our intro to fitness class. Now that we have our bootcamp classes maybe that is the next step. Here is the link to register

J19 is more than a fitness facility. It is a place where we can all grow and help each other grow. Looking forward to another awesome week of training. 


12 mins to find a max of the complex:

*all lifts are touch and go

1 hang clean

1 power clean

1 squat clean

2 front squats


14 Min AMRAP

14 Hang Snatch 75/55 - Do not drop bar from overhead

14 Box over 24/20

14 Wall Balls  14/20

* every min 4 burpees



1000 Row

50 Thrusters 45# bar

30 Pull Ups

Rest 3 mins



Double Unders 

Sit Ups


BOA Wod #2

Teams of 3-4 -  4x500 Meter Row Relay


10 x 80 Yard shuttle sprint

out 10 and back out 20 and back out 10 and back


"Partner Linda"


Find the average weight of your team. 

Deadlift RX 1.5 x BW  Scaled 1X

Bench Press RX 1 X BW  Scaled 3/4 BW

Cleans RX 3/4 BW  Scaled 1/2 BW



Teams of 3-4

15 Minute AMRAP

1 Athlete will be accumulating max cals on the rower. Can switch as any time

The other athletes will be working one at a time.

50 Pull ups - Scaled red band

50 Box Jumps 24/20  Scaled step ups

50 HSPU Scale HR Push Ups

50 Double Unders - Scaled 50 single

50 WB Shots  14/20