WODs 9.19.16 - 9.23.16 - New J19 Bootcamp Class 9:00 AM starts Monday!

We are excited to announce the 9:00 AM Bootcamp class with Coach Charles Ledbetter.  This class is included in your membership at J19 but is open to anyone.  Please share with your friends. Thanks in advance! $10 for a drop in.

The next intro to fitness class will start October 4th. To register or get more info follow this link.


Work to 1 RM Squat Clean (goal 5-10 lbs heavier than week 1)

No more than 3 misses, move on and save yourself for you next opportunity.


For time:

100 DU

75 Pullups

50 FS 135/95

20 min time cap


3 Giant sets for quality

5 Straight Legged DL (AHAP) –Form First, light is better, stretch hamstring

50m Farmers Carry 70/53

10 Good Mornings 115/85

50m sandbag carry-sandbag must be bear hugged not shouldered for carry, may also use slam ball but must be held in same matter

50m is down and back across gym

Rest 1 min-12 min cap on this section of work


Every 3 min on 1 min off for 5 rounds or 20 minutes

40 sec HS Hold

15 KBS 70/53

ME Ring Pushups sub paralette pushups

Score is ring pushups


Bounding work

5 attempts drop to broad jump- works on rebounding

Rest 20 sec between each attempt

(drop down from 24/20 inch box, immediately rebound into broad jump when feet hit ground)

5 sets of 10 reps skiers jump- works on explosive change in direction

Rest 30 sec between each attempt

5 sets of 10 reps 24/20 Completely Over the Box Jumps-may sub paralettes - explosive vertical jumping

Try to decrease time it takes to do each set of 10 on box jump

Rest 40 sec between each attempt

Then Romwod


Find a 1RM Squat Snatch (goal 5-10 lbs heavier than week 1)

No more than 3 misses, move on and save yourself for you next opportunity


7 rounds

Row 1:30 moderate pace

Row :30 sec ME

Rest 2 min

Score is meters

Focus on being consistent through first 1:30

Maxing out last 30 sec, recovering over the minute span

Each effort paces for 1:30 and :30 should be the same


Run 1200 meters

50 DB/KB Hang Squat Clean 45/25


20 DB Burpee DL

5 Strict HSPU

30 min time cap