WODs 8.29.16 - 9.2.16 - New intro class starts 9.6.16

Urban Purpose Challenge was an awesome time. Congratulations to all the athletes! J19 and 205 both had a bunch of athletes on the podium!  If you could not make it out. Check it out next year. 

Next up is Battle of The Ages at J19 on October 15th. Would love to see as many of our members on teams but could also use Judges and Volunteers. Please sign up to volunteer by clicking here.  You can also register at www.battleoftheages.com

Bootcamp classes are rolling out. If you are a current member, bootcamp classes are no extra fee. They are available for purchase for non members so please bring your friends.  Sign up and check out the schedule by clicking here.  These classes compliment CrossFit very well. Come give it a try. I have personally completed five of the classes and Its been a hiney kicker. 

Intro classes at J19 and 205 start again on September 6th. To get more info go here.

Looking forward to an awesome week of training. Hopefully cooler weather is going to show soon. 


7 sets at 67.5% of 1 RM Clean
Set performed every 1:30 sec

Squat Clean preferred on all sets
Set 1-1 Clean+4 FS
Set2- 2+3
Set 3- 2+3
Set 4- 3+2
Set 5-3+2
Set 6- 4+1
Set 7- 5 Cleans

For time: All runs performed with sandbag

Run 200m
20 Sandbag shoulders
Run 200m
20 Sandbag STO
Run 200m
20 Sandbag Clean and Jerk
Run 200m
20 Sandbag thrusters


3  Sets for quality

Move between each movement quickly but focusing on quality reps, rest after for 1 min and repeat

5 weighted pullups or ring rows AHAP

30 sec ring row hold feet on box

10 Barbell rows AHAP

20 sec L Sit on rings or parallettes

Rest 1 min-12 min movement cap


3 rounds for time

50 DU

15 SDHP 135/95

15 Bar Facing Burpees


Core for quality

15 GHD with med ball 20/14 if possible

30 sec plank hold

15 V Ups

15 sec Hollow Hold




7 sets at 67.5% 1 RM Snatch

Set performed every 1:30 sec

Squat Snatch preferred on all sets

Set 1-1 Snatch+4 OHS

Set2- 2+3

Set 3- 2+3

Set 4- 3+2

Set 5-3+2

Set 6- 4+1

Set 7- 5 Snatch


3 rounds

10 Goblet Squats 70/53

20 KB Lunges

30/25 Cal Row

Rest 1 min


3 rounds for reps

1 min on/1 min off

Broad jump meters

Bench Press 135/95

Mountain Climbers

GS Pushups

Russian Twist 35/25