WODs 8.15.16 - 8.19.16 - Bootcamp Class Starts Tomorrow 11:45 AM J19

To register for the new bootcamp class follow this link. This class will last approximately 45 mins and will be super fun an effective way to get fit. 

Barbell classes available - Register here.

We had an awesome time in Denver putting on BOA.  We hope that everyone has a fantastic week.  Let's train hard and smart.


Work to a 1 rep Max Squat Clean

Row 1000m at all out pace-we will use this number

Rest 3 min then

40 T2B

Row 1000m at moderate pace-10 sec off 1000m pace from above


Run 1 Mile

50 DL 225/155

Run 1 Mile

22 min time cap


1xME HS Walk-if you cant walk, 1xME HS Hold

Max weighted Pull Up

1xME KBS 70/53



Work to a 1 Rep Max Squat Snatch


20 STO 135/95

50 DU

20 STO 135/95

50 DU

10 Min time cap


15 min AMRAP of Cindy

Rest 3min

6 min to find 1 RM Jerk