WODs 7.11.16 - 7.15.16

Its hot and muggy out. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water plus some everyday. Try to drink water throughout the day.  

Massive clean up day going down at CF205 this Saturday.  All are welcome!

9:15 AM Moms power hour is happening M-F at J19 with childcare.  205 stay tuned its coming. Tell all your Moms to come hang out with the other cool moms at J19.  Fellas yall are welcome just expect to be picked on by the ladies. 

Battle of The Ages is coming back to J19 on October 15th. Four athlete teams from four different decades.  I highly encourage you to be part of this event.  If you are interested in participating and need help with a team let us know.  www.battleoftheages.com 

Barbell Class Available at J19 5:15 PM Tuesday, Thursday and 11:00 AM Saturday.  Register here


Find a 2RM BS


2 min to row 200/150m

10 WB 20/14

Rest 1 min

2 min to row 200/150m

12 WB 20/14

Rest 1 min and so on increasing by 2 until unable to complete WB with time remaining


E90 sec for 15 min alternating

Set 1-Push Press 5 reps increasing weight

Set 2 10-15 DB Tricep Extension



DL 225


Box Jumps 24/20



40 on/20 off off for 16 min

Min 1 Figure eights with plate 25/15

Min 2 Left side plate wood chops

Min 3 Russian Twist

Min 4 Right side plate wood chops


Find a 2RM FS




FRL steps

Burpees Over Bar


In 20 minutes complete as many reps as possible:

15 Cleans 135/95

Rest 1 min

15 Cleans 155/105

Rest 1 min

15 Cleans 185/115

Rest 1 min

15 Cleans 205/125

Rest 1 min

15 Cleans 225/135

Rest 1 min

15 Cleans 245/145

Rest 1 min

ME Cleans 275/155…you are a beast

Scale starting weights 95/65