WODs 6.6.16 - 6.10.16

Food education and accountability class with begin Saturday June 25th at 10:00 AM.  We will meet and discuss the critical world of nutrition, make a plan and then head to the grocery store. This class will meet in the new suite connected to J19 and will be led by Kelly Olcott. This class is available for all CF205 members as well. 

Child care will be available at the 9:15 AM Class M-T starting Monday June 20TH at CFJ19.  9:15 AM - 10:15 AM.  


Back Squats

4x6x80% of 6RM


Teams of 2

Sprint Relay

One rest while one works

Whole set is done before switching

Round 1

20 OH Plate Lunge Steps 45/35

200m run

20 OH Plate Lunge Steps 45/35

Round 2

20 Air Squats

200m run

20 Air Squats

Round 3

20 Lunge Steps-no weight

200m run

20 Lunge Steps

Partner A performs all of round 1 while partner B rest, then Partner B performs all of Round 1 while Partner A rest and so on


E90 Alt for 15 min

Set 1 Barbell Rows

12,10,8,6,4 reps- increase weight each set

Set 2 DB or Banded Tricep Extension 10-15 reps


5 rounds

30 DU

20 DL 225/155

10 C2B

25 min time cap


Teams of 3 or 2 

The Girls

You will have 8 min at each station to finish work for time

You may rest until the 8 min mark of each station after completing the work

Score is total time

Station 1- Double Isabel- 60 Snatch 135/95

Station 2 Karen-150 WB 20/14

Station 3-Jackie 1000m row , 50 thrusters 45 lbs, 30 pullups

Station 4- Double Grace- 60 C and J 135/95

Adjust weight to be able to finish under 8 min

If you don’t finish under 8 minutes your time is 8 plus the number reps in seconds

For instance, you don’t finish and leave 9 reps score is 8:09 for that station


Front Squats 4x6x80% of 6RM


For total reps

EMOM 30sec on/30sec off for 20 min

Min 1 KBS 53/35

Min 2 L sit hold seconds

Min 3 Back Extensions

Min 4 Hollow Hold Seconds

Min 5 100m Sprint around building-can exceed 30 sec but not a minute-if under 1 min counts for 10 reps


EMOM 7 min 2 Cleans

Start light work heavy

Try to TNG as long as possible


18 min AMRAP

15 HC 95/65

10 Bar Facing Burpees