WODS 5.09.16-05.13.16

New intro class starts this Tuesday. Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at either 6 am or 7 PM for four weeks. Great way for someone to find out if J19 is for them.  Click for more info.

Congratulations to Jordan and Leah for placing 1st at the Sand Mountain Throwdown.  Way to bring home the hardware!!


Work to a 8RM BS

The will be done over 4 sets E3MOM


Row, ski, or bike or run


2:30 rest


1:30 rest


Try to maintain your 500m row pace through all rows

Remember pace and try to better that pace next time we perform this sequence

If rowers are not available then you may run 1200,800,400 using 10-15 sec better than last weeks pace


E90 sec for 15 min

Set 1 Starting at 65%  of 1RM work  to 3RM for the day DL

Set 2- 10-15 Paralette Push Ups- plate or sand bag on back weighted if possible 25/15

Try for more than last time, more reps or more weight

15 min AMRAP for total reps

24 sec HS Hold (freestanding if possible but against wall is RX)

18 Air Squats

12 Alternating KB or DB Snatch 53/35 or 55/35

6 Pullups

HS Hold equals a rep per second-2 reps per second if freestanding


Work to a tall 3 on box jump

These do not have to be rebounding jumps

Controlled jumps for 3 reps, focus on explosion not moving through reps quickly

25 Min AMRAP

35 Mountain Climbers

30 DU

25 Russian Twist 25/15

20 Box Overs 24/20

10 Burpees

 5 T2B


Work to a 8RM FS

This will be done over four sets E3MOM


9 min AMRAP


30 FS

25 Jerks- Push or Split

20 OHS

15 Push Press

10 OH Walking Lunge Steps

5 Strict Press


Every 3 min for 10 rounds

Run 200m w Sandbag

8 Hang Cleans 115/75

Score is the average between your best and worst rounds completed

Best is 1:30,worst is 2:00min Score=1:45