WOD - 5.30.16 Murph 9:30 AM Only 9:00 AM Only at CF205

9:30 AM class only CFJ19      9:00 AM only CF205

Memorial day is a time we reflect on our fallen soldiers.  We feel thankful that they were brave enough to die in battle. The will to go on even with the possibility of death right around the corner. We live in an awesome country because of this. 

In the Crossfit world we honor this day with our sweat. All over the world by choice we sweat in honor of these fallen warriors. How cool is that??

* If you are new to crossfit and or J19 please use caution in your pull up volume.  If you are not conditioned for 100 pull ups they can hurt you. Talk with a coach about scaling. 

Run 1 mile

Partition in any way

100 Pull Ups - 200 Push Ups - 300 Squats

Run 1 mile