WODs 5.23.16 - 5.27.16

It was Staci and my first time to The CrossFit games regional competition. If I could sum it up all in one word I would use the word PASSION.  Boxes represented from all over the Atlantic region there to support the athletes.  Athletes that have paid and earned there way to compete on the big stage. We are a community that takes care of our own.  We are the Sheep Dogs.  The following video sums it up. Looking forward to a great week of training. Peace, KO


Work to 1RM Pause Back Squat


1x6 @60%

1x6 @70%

1x6 @ 80%




Rest 2:00


Rest 1:00


Try to push 1 mile pace from test week or last 1200


E90 sec for 15 min alternating

Set 1- work to a heavy 3 on bench, start with 55% of 1RM and work up to 3RM over the 5 sets

Set 2-5 Strict Pullups(weighted if possible) or 5 weighted/strict ring rows

Challenge yourself to perform heavier on the bench than last time and higher reps or weighted on the pullups


15 Min AMRAP

30 DU

20 KBS 53/35

10 Left Arm KB STO 53/35

30 DU

20 KBS 53/35

10 Right Arm KB STO 53/35


10 min to perform

3 sets for quality

Tighten core and each rep

Exhale as you tighten

10 Crunches

10 Reverse Crunches

30 Scissor Kicks

10 Left Side Bends

10 Right Side Bends


For time

20 min Cap

5 rounds

15 Burpees

50m Farmers Carry with KB Scaled 53/35 Rx 70/53 If you dare 88

15 KB DL

50m Front Rack Carry with KB

Post time and load


Work to 1RM Pause Front Squat


1x6 @60%

1x6 @70%

1x6 @ 80%


2 Min Max Cal Row or Ski OR Bike

2 Min ME Thruster 75/55

2 min rest

3 min ME Thruster 95/65

2 Min Rest

2 Min ME Thruster 115/75

2 Min Max Cal Row or Ski or Bike


EMOM 7 min 1 Power Clean (prefer these be power not squat but if you are feeling it go)

You may choose weight but no more than 90% of 1 RM

These are for technique not loading

Then For time

800m Sandbag Carry

75 Pushups

50 Snatch 75/55

25m HS Walk

Best scale for HS Walk is Shoulder Taps if able