WODs 4.25.16 - 4.29.16 - HELP - Coach Kelly and Justin Shave and win an assault bike!

It's that time again for WODism for Autism (click for event info).  The event is at CrossFit OTM which is only about three miles from J19. Last year we showed up big time and won a rower by having the largest turn out. This year the stakes are higher. The gym that raises the most money wins an assault bike. Coach Justin and I are going to shave our beards off if we win. Help us get the bike and clean up by following this link. https://fundraise.kulturecity.org/shavebeard . You can participate in the wod or just donate to the cause. It's always a fun time!

T-shirts will print this week.  Please bring checks or cash if you ordered.  We did order a few extra but not a bunch. Get em while there hot. 


Back Squat  - E3MOM for 4 sets

3x10 @ 80% 10 RM from last week.

Last set Max Reps @ 80%



SDHP 135/95

42-30-18 Row Cal


Every 90 seconds for 15 Mins


Bench - start at 55% 1 RM and work to a heavy three over 5 sets.

2-5 Strict Pull Ups  or 2-5 weighted ring rows


Jack Cowan

10 Rounds

1 Strict Ring Dips with 10 second hold at top.

2 36/30 Inch Box Jumps  (protect your shins)

3 Inverted Burpees


Teams of 4 - 2 rounds

Carry Worm 400 meters on shoulder.  (out the back door and in the back door)

Drag the tire 200 meters.

Carry Stone 400 meters 100/65 - every time you put it down do two burpees.  2 stones per team.  The other two athletes will be carrying a sand bag.


Front Squat  - E3MOM for 4 sets

3x10 @ 80% 10 RM from last week.

Last set Max Reps @ 80%


Discuss The Clean and practice

13 Min AMRAP

3 Squat Cleans 135/95


12 Burpees OTB

24 Double Unders


Teams of 2

1600 M Run

50 KB Swings 53/35 (synchronized) both complete 50

800 Meter Run

50 GHD Sit Ups (Be careful getting on and off machine) Lay out crash mat behind machine. This is split

400 Meter Run

50 GS Push Ups (synchronized)

200 Meter Run.