WODs 4.11.16 - 4.15.16

Lots of learning and good times at the Harvey Newton weight lifting camp this weekend. Battle of The Ages Charlotte going down next Saturday.  Thank you to all our volunteers that are traveling with us to help. Peace, KO

Welcome everyone to the New Year. For us as Crossfitters, as soon as The Open ends the new year begins. I think we had a great season with many improvements, and also looking back many areas we as a whole can grow. Everything I have seen over the last 52 weeks, both good and bad, will be used to develop what we will do for the next 52 weeks. With that said the first order of business is working on building back a stable strength base. Strength work both in lifting and in areas like gymnastics and core are paramount to us staying healthy for the long haul. We will back down the metcon intensity some and establish this base. Our focus for the next 12 weeks will be something called hypertrophy, building muscle. Not "getting bulky" but getting structurally sound. We will enter a squat cycle made by myself, as well as something I call the Push-Pull cycle where we will work on just that pulling and pushing. We will work on endurance some too with intervals of rowing and running, movements which allow us to maintain cardio without losing our GAINS. Since last year I feel the gym is stronger as a whole so we will stagger weeks of intensity. Last year we went through strength cycles and would keep metcon intensity low throughout. Since I feel you guys are more developed going into this season we will have weeks of low, moderate and high intensity every 3 weeks. 

Week 1 -Heavy Strength/Low Intensity

Week 2- Moderate Strength/Moderate Intensity

Week 3- Low Strength/ Higher Intensity

This system will be used for 12 weeks, improving muscular performance while maintaining cardiovascular intensity. I thank you for allowing me to implement this program over the last year and heres is to another great season. Thanks, Coach Brett


Take about 12 min to

Work to a 1 RM Pause BS(strength)

then based on 1RM at full speed(hypertrophy)






Run 1200m

3 min rest

Run 800m

2 min rest

Run 400m


E90 sec for 15 min alternating

Set 1 4x3 DL working to a heavy 3

Set 2 4x10-15 paralette pushups if

possible with plate on back

Recommended start at 55% of DL max

Start with 25lb plate for men and 10-15 pound plate for women on pushups


Teams of 2

While 1 partner completes farmers carry around the building 53/35

Other partner will complete

ME Bench Press with 70% of BW

ME STO with 70% BW

ME DL 70% BW

ME HC 70% of BW

Partners alt each set till all farmer carrys are completed

Score is time, loads and reps completed

There is a 20 min time cap



Work on candlestick to lever

Accumulate 5 reps plus ME Hold


15 Min AMRAP

30 sec HS Hold

40 Sit Ups

30 sec Bar Hanging Hold

40 V Ups

30 sec Plank Hold

40 Mt Climbers


Take about 12 min to

Work to a 1RM Pause FS

then based on 1RM at full speed(hypertrophy)






Death by Hang Snatch and Burpee

Min 1 1 Hang Snatch 95/65+1 Burpee

Min 2 2 Hang Snatch+2 Burpees

Min 3 3+3 and so on til unable to complete within the minute


50 DU

25 KBS 70/53


40 DU

20 KBS


30 DU

15 KBS


20 DU

10 KBS


10 DU