WODs 3.7.16 - 3.11.16

The energy is electric in the dojo.  Watching our athletes perform the open wods has been a blast. You guys are doing AWESOME! Can't wait to see what 16.3 is going to be. 



5 sets

each set begins with:

20/17 Cal Row

50 DU or 100 singles for todays purpose

UB Thrusters

15,12,8,6,4 reps 

You may increase weight or keep load same

All sets must be unbroken or don’t count towards total

Score is load and total time

Rest may not exceed 2 min between sets


5 Rounds

12 DB Snatch

9 Bench Press

6 Deficit Pushups 

Deficit is hands on 45/35

Post time and loads


4 rounds

4:00 min to complete

400m run

10 Burpees


Rest 2 min

If you don’t have MU Bar or Rings sub C2b and scale down from there


15 Min AMRAP

15 FS 75/55

30 Sit Ups

45 sec HS Hold

Rest 2 min

Accumulate 2:00 Min of hollow hold

2:00 min of plank hold