WODs 3.28.16 - 4.1.16 - Happy Spring Break!

Definitely the most fun that I've had in my five open seasons.  For those of you that competed for the first time.... We told you so.  Awesome job to everyone!  Thanks to all our members whether you participated in the open or not.  The atmosphere has been has been one of encouragement , hard work and a bunch of fun.  This week we will de load a bit and then start moving into some serious strength building. Say hello to the squat rack. The squat rack is where the magic happens. If you are going on spring break, we wish you very safe travels and good times.  Peace, KO

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15 Min AMRAP

20 Pushups

15 DL 115/75

10 Hang Clean

5 Lateral Burpees over Bar


5 Rounds

20 WB

15 T2B

10 Pullups


8 Rounds

2 min on/1 min off

Run 100m

12 Sit Ups

ME Hollow Hold for Seconds


15 Min AMRAP

10 Ring Dips

20 sec Wall Facing HS Hold

30 SDHP 70/53

40 Sec Plank Hold on Hands


Row 1000m

40 FS 135/95

30 KBS 53/35

20 Thrusters 135/95

10 Bar MU