WOD 3.14.16 - 3.18-16

The Open is coming to an end and with that our Crossfit season. We will have fun for a couple weeks before we get into some more strength and technical geared work. Bring the intensity down slightly and let the body repair. A great kickoff to the season of strength will be the Harvey Newton Camp April 9th-10th at the gym. Its a 1 day seminar on the Olympic lifts that will help you drill in the technique needed for the coming months. I have been to several of his and always walk away a better lifter and athlete. So proud of each and every one of you and cant wait for the year in store.  Coach Brett


Work to a 15 rep TNG Deadlift


Sumo Helen

3 rounds 

400m run

21 SDHP 70/53

12 Pullups


4:00 to complete

2 Rounds

6 BJ 24/20


If completed within 4 minutes :

4:00 to complete

2 Rounds

8 BJ 24/20


And so on

Each 4:00 begin on the 4:00 min mark so if you finish early you rest til next 4 min period

This in the style of last year Open 15.2


12 Min AMRAP

12 WB

10 Burpees

8 Thrusters 95/65


Partner 10x300m each

Each person rows 10 intervals

One rest while on works for 10 intervals each/20 as a team

Goal is to keep pace with partner set for set

Mobility stretch or foam roll 15 min before leaving