WODs 2.29.16 - 3.4.16

First week of the open was awesome.  My lungs are still burning. Congrats to all the athletes!


Non Open Athletes

Find a 1 Rep Max FS          

 Open Athletes
  5×5 BS At 65%


In honor of Crossfit Roadhouse's Brian Mcmillian who lost his daughter Colbie recently            
3 rounds            
19 KBS 53/35            
19 Burpees            
19 Pullups  - Those of you with torn hands may sub ring dips       
200m run            
Or 16.1 Redo

1 min on/1 min off till reps completed of:            
50 Snatch 115/75            
75 Box Jumps 24/20            
100 DU            

Death by EMOM            
Increase each movement by 3 reps til failure            
Work is performed EMOM with the increase to reps occuring on 3rd minute            
STO 95/65            
Hang Cleans            
L Sit seconds            
So it will go 3,3,3,6,6,6,9,9,9……on the minute til failure                
Teams of 3            
35 Min AMRAP            
Row 100 Cals            
100 Sit Ups            
Row 100 Cals            
100 Air Squats            
Row 100 Cals            
100 Pushups            
Row 100 Cals            
100 Alt Lunges            

Open Workout 16.2