WODs 2.22.16-2.26.16- The Open Is Upon Us

The 2016 Crossfit Open starts Thursday and we encourage everyone to sign up. It only cost 20$ to enter and is the single greatest tool we have to track our progress. If you have any questions at all talk to a coach.  Everything we have been doing over the course of the year was leading to this single event. With that said on some days we will have different work for those doing the Open and those who are not. Everyone will do the Open workouts but those who paid and signed up we want fresh and ready to tackle these difficult workouts with all they have. Enjoy the next 5 weeks and the fruits of your labor. I am proud of you guys and the effort you give everyday. Coach Brett. 

April 9th and 10th we will be conducting an intensive Oly Lifting camp.  The camp is one day but will be conducted two times you would only register for one day.  Coach Harvey Newton will be leading the camp while proctored by CFJ19 and CF205 Coaches.  This will be a great day to fine tune your lifting skills. For more info on the camp and Coach Harvey - Go here


Open Athletes                                                                                      

    FS/BS 3 sets 1/2 at 95%

Non Open

Using 60% of 1RM Clean and Jerk                                                 

3 sets 1 thruster+4 FS

10 Min AMRAP

Crossfit Open 11.1

15 Power Snatch 75/55

30 DU


T2B work and progressions

See video on cfjJ19.com in Wods section

15 Min AMRAP

25 Cleans 115/75

15 T2B

20 Cleans 135/95

15 T2B

15 Cleans 155/115

15 T2B

10 Cleans 185/135

15 T2B

5 Cleans 205/155

15 T2B

ME Cleans 225/165 with remainder of time


3 rounds

For total reps completed

Min 0-2:00

Run 400m


Min 2:00-3:00

Push Press 75/55

Min 3:00-4;00

ME Pullups

Min 4:00-5:00 

ME SDHP 75/55

Rest 5 min


You may start on any movement post row

Go in order from where you start based on equipment

Row 400

30 Hollow Arch

Row 400

30 GHD

Row 400

30 Plank Ups

Row 400

1:00 min L Sit

Row 400


Open Workout 16.1