WODs 2.1.16 - 2.5.16 - New Intro Starts February 9th

A few spots left for the Feb 9th intro.  Those people that always tell you they want to try CrossFit, here is the opportunity in the perfect environment.  Let em know it's time to walk the walk. Click here for more info and to register.  

April 9th and 10th we will be hosting a Harvey Newton Olympic Lifting Camp.  This is a one day camp held two consecutive days. You would would register for one day or the other.  We hosted Harvey Newton two years ago and it was an awesome camp.  For the past 30 years Coach Newton has influenced countless individuals and teams with his knowledge of weightlifting and strength training. Coaching weightlifting has taken him to all corners of the globe and culminated with his head coach position for the USA Olympic Weightlifting Team in 1984. He was USA Weightlifting’s first national coach (1981-84) and served as that group’s executive director (1982-88). During the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympic Games, Harvey Newton was a key part of the NBC-Sports weightlifting team.  More info and to register click here



EMOM 12 Min

Min 1- 3 Snatch 135/85

Min 2- 4 OHS 135/85

Min 3- 5 Snatch Grip DL 135/85

All reps taken from floor

12 Min AMRAP


DB Squat Snatch 55/35



(DB weight is just a guideline, use a weight that can you move properly)


Chipper Style

If finish repeat sequence until 15 min is up

Score is reps completed

15 Min AMRAP

60 Cal Row

50 WB 20/14

40 T2B

30 SDHP 115/75

20 Box Jumps Over 30/24

10 Bar MU

Rest 4 min

50 ft HSW

50 KBS 70/53

50 ft HSW

If you don’t have HSWalking

90 sec of attempts if close

or 90 sec of shoulder taps practice

If not possible at all 90 sec wall facing HS Hold for each 50 ft

10 Min Time Cap on Part 2


1000m run

100 Pushups

100 Air Squats

1000m run

30 min time cap

Take 15 min before leaving on:

Mobility Coach will provide


Work to heaviest complex

2 Strict Press+2 Push Press+2 Push Jerk

then Monster Set

4 strict+4PP+4PJ at 80%

If unable to get 4 strict reduce to 75% and retry


Gymnastic Strength/Stability Stations

5 Stations- 3 min at each station

2 min work-try to work the whole time

1 min rest

Accumulate as much working time as possible during 2 min duration

May start anywhere but must go in order from there

Station 1-False Grip Ring Row Holds

Station 2 L Sit

Station 3-1 Ring Pushup+ 5 sec hold at top

Station 4 Candlestick to 5 sec lever hold -slow tempo down, hold feet from floor for 5 secs

Station 5-1 Strict Dip+ 5 sec top hold (on rings if possible)

Dips can also be on boxes or paralettes

L Sit may be as well but rings preferred


5 min AMRAP

10 BS 155/95

20 Sit Ups

30 DU

2 min rest

5 min AMRAP

10 FS 135/85

20 Sit Ups

30 DU

2 min rest

5 min AMRAP

10 FRL 115/75

20 Sit Ups

30 DU

Reps can be taken from rack or floor