WODs 1.4.16 - 1.8.16 - Make this your best year ever!

We hope that everyone had  a great Christmas and New Year!  Really pumped about what is going to happen in 2016!

We are going to jump directly into our annual paleo challenge this Monday January 4th.  This year it will done with a partner.  The combination of Crossfit and the paleo diet will produce amazing results in the way you feel, look and perform.  We hope that everyone will participate. There will be a large support group to help you along. There will not be a specific winner so the goal will be gym wide encouragement and accomplishment. 

The following video is last years paleo introduction by Dr. Nicole Ussery.  Dr. Ussery is our own D Rock Ussery's wife who is a Nutritionist , Chiropractor and avid CrossFitter.  (My intro part is last year so disregard that part)

We have a few spots remaining for the January 5th intro course.  Registration can be found here.


12 mins to work to a 5RM OHS

1xME at 80% of 5RM-Goal is 10


14 Min AMRAP

20/18 CAL ROW

20 Walking Lunge Steps with DB or KB 55/35

20 sec L Sit on Paralettes, Boxes or Rings


5 Rounds

10 Kb Snatch Left Arm 53/35

10 T2B

10 KB Snatch Right Arm 53/35

20 Sit Ups

10 Hollow Arch Ups 2 second hold and squeeze on each

https://youtu.be/g3c73NahdjU For tips on the KB Snatch

KB Snatch reps do not touch ground on this workout


Work to a Max Box Jump.  This can be done by setting up tires.  Use caution.  This is only 1 step max.


4 rounds

800m run

50 DU

5 box Jump 36/30


EMOM 8 min

30 sec on/30 sec off

If you cant thruster entire 30 sec hold bar continuously

Min 1 Thrusters 95/65

Min 2 Burpees


With 20 Min Continous Clock:



5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Air Squats

6 min to FIND 1 RM Clean



Score is rounds/reps and weight lifted


Teams of 2

1 Sandbag Relay= Down and back longways across gym

20 Sandbag Relays- Men Holding Sandbag OH, Women may hold OH or Shoulder Load

90 Sandbag Ground to Shoulder

70 Sandbag STO

50 Sandbag Lunge Steps-Men OH, Women on Back

30 Sandbag Bear Hug Squats

10 Sandbag Bear Complex

20 Sandbag Relays- Men Holding Sandbag OH, Women may hold OH or Shoulder Load