WODs 1.25.16 - 1.29.16

This Friday is our first J19 and 205 bowling night at Vestavia Bowl starting at 7PM.  Several people have responded that they will be there with full game face on.  Let us know if you plan to join us so we can reserve the proper number of lanes.  Cost will be around $10 per athlete. 

Our next intro class starts on February 9th at J19 and February 16th at CF205.  This is a great way to get someone on the road to fitness. More info on the intro can be found by clicking here.   


FS/BS 3 sets of 3/6 at 80%

5 Rounds

15 Ring Dips

50 DU

Each round starts with strict and then immediately switches to kipping

This means each round you have 1 chance to perform UB strict ring dips for a bonus

10 sec will be deducted for each rep of strict

Reference the 11-12-2015 where this same system was used with pullups



Work to the heaviest complex

Clean+ Low Hang Clean+ High Hang Clean  

High hang clean is from power position, from the hip


Monster set of 2x80% of best complex

6 rep set back to back of the above


4 Rounds

5 DL 275/185

10 Weighted Pullups 25/15-

15 Med Ball Situps

Rest 2 min

Pullup scales

Lessen weight, use DB between feet

10 Strict Pullups

10 Weighted Ring RowsRing Rows plate on chest

10 Ring Rows feet elevated


EMOM with partner for 15 min

All reps must be synchronized

Any reps not N Sync do not count

Min 1 10 KBS 70/53

Min 2 10 Slam Balls

Min 3 10 GS Pushups

Rest 3 min

then directly into synchronized


Snatch 95/65


Each person will have bar

Facing partner snatch must both be locked out before bar returns to floor

WB must touch target at same time


E3min for 15 min

Stations 2 min on/I min off

Staion 1- Stone Carry for Distance AHAP

Station 2- Sandbag Shoulders

Station 3- Barbell Carry on Back for Distance 225/135

Station 4- FR KB or DB Step Up 53/35 in both hands

2 min rest

Metabolic Con 1- Box Jumps 20/24

Metcon 2- Inverted Burpees  https://youtu.be/mHjude_kmDE

Metcon 3- Air Squats

Metcon 4- Cal Row

For total Reps

1 Carry across gym of either stone or barbell= 5 reps

If using DB RX=55/35

Barbell Carry taken from Rack

Each segment may be started anywhere but must go in order from there


20 Min AMRAP

Run 200m

15 T2B

10 Bar Facing Burpees

5 Squat Clusters 155/95