WODs 1.18.16 - 1.22.16

Awesome start of the year!  Let's keep it up!  Dial that diet in and maintain consistency for the greatest result.  The open is just over a month away. I hope that everyone will participate in the Crossfit games open this year. If you are not familiar with the open ask a coach. 

The stage is set for the next Battle of The Ages. We will be going to Pineville, NC April 16th.  If you are interested in competing or judging we will be taking a group. 



MIN 1- 3 Thrusters 155/95

MIN 2- 4 STO 155/95

MIN 3- 5 Cleans 155/95

then for time:


Cal Row

DL 185/125

Burpees to a 6 inch target

6 inch target will be a rough 6 inches, find a bar or object to jump to in gym, touch with both hands


Gymnastic Strength/Stability Stations

5 Stations- 3 min at each station

2 min work-try to work the whole time

1 min rest

Accumulate as much working time as possible during 2 min duration

May start anywhere but must go in order from there

Station 1-Alt between Dip Hold at top ad Dip Hold at bottom

Station 2- Paralette Pushup+5 second hold at top

Station 3- Ring Row weighted with feet on box if possible

Station 4- HS Hold Against Wall

Station 5-Legless Rope Climb

Score is seconds held or reps completed

Row 4x500m

With a partner taking turns, also partners responsible for holding each other accountible

Goal is to stay within 5 seconds of pace of first row

For every second off this pace you must perform 15 air squats per second

These are all out, partners don’t allow teammates to cheat themselves

So if first 500m takes 1:43 and second takes 1:50 that’s 30 air squats


8 Rounds

200m run

20 Russian KB Swings 53/35

20 Russian Twist 35/25


EMOM 8 Min

30 on/30 off

If you cant PP or WB the whole 30 sec hold bar or ball till time expires

Min 1 PP-95/65

Min 2- WB 20/14


5 T2B

10 FS 115/75

15 Box Jumps 24/20


50 Du


15 Ring Pushups

40 DU

10 C2B

10 Ring Pushups

30 DU

5 C2B

5 Ring Pushups

30 DU

10 C2B

10 Ring Pushups

40 DU

15 C2B

15 Ring Pushups

50 DU