WODs 9.28.15 - 10.2.15

Had an absolute blast completing the Savage Obstacle Course Race this past Saturday with my middle daughter Kenzi. She was very apprehensive about doing this race with me but about half a mile in said she was so glad she did it. We ran/walked/crawled through mud and rain 5.9 miles and completed 25 obstacles. Thank you God for blessings like that.  CrossFit is the perfect training ground to prepare you for this type of challenge. If you have never done one of these I highly recommend it.  Get out of your comfort zone. It's worth it. 


Discussion on the Jerk

Over 5 attempts work to heaviest complex


Start at 65% of 1 RM Clean

If you fail decrease and finish remaining sets

Complex: Power Clean+Hang Clean+Jerk



7 FS 165/105

7 Ring Dips

Rest 2 min

5 min Amrap

10 FS 135/85

10 Pushups


Gymnastic Strength

EMOM 12 min

Min 1- 8 C2B Pullups

Min2 12-15 GHD or Weighted Sit Ups 20/14

Min 3- 30 sec HS Hold against wall

Adjust numbers to perform work within timeframe


14 Min AMRAP

10 KBS 70/53

20 BJ Overs 24/20

30 DU


Battle of the Ages Wod 3

Each team will have 1 rower. There will be a 20 min time cap.

The team will be required to accumulate 5000 meters on the rower.

One athlete will also be accumulating max effort burpees jumping to a target 6" above flat footed reach. Burpees can only be happening while another athlete on the team is hanging from a pull up bar.

Only one athlete will be resting.

Score will be row time and reduced by 1 second for every completed burpee.

If row is not completed by the time cap, every meter remaining will equal a second and will be added to the 20 min time cap before reduced by number of burpees.

Example: Finish row in 19:30 Complete 100 burpees = 17:50 finish

or 20 Min cap but only 4900 meters completed on the rower. 100 Burpees completed = 20:00 + 100 seconds = 21:40 less 100 burpees = 20:00 Min score.


EMOM 10 min

Min 1 5-8 Romanian DL with 100% of Snatch

Min 2 15 Air squats


4 Rounds

20 DB Snatch AHAP

20 Renegade Rows (10 each arm)

20 Mountain Climbers

Use same weight for snatch and rows


Back Squats

1 set ME BS at 85% BW for men and 75% for women


If last week you were unable to get at least 10 BS keep the same percentage from last week and try again

then for time

400m run

40 OH Lunges 45/35

40 Jumping Squats

40 OH Lunges 45/35

400m run