WODs 8.31.15 - 9.4.15

Yay!!!!  Football season and camping weather are nipping at our heals.   September is bring a friend month.  You can bring one guest at a time.  They must come to class with you.  The member that brings the most new people over the month of September gets October FREE! Please give us a heads up when you are bringing someone. 

It was was a very busy weekend for CFJ19.  Friday afternoon Coach Brett and I were asked to lead a workout at Prince of Peace school for 120 middle school kids.  It was quite an eventful time.  Here are a few pics from the event. 

Saturday we had 9 teams represented at The Urban Purpose Challenge.  All of our teams showed up and gave it all they had for a great cause.  We had the most teams so we won a brand new rower for the gym. Thanks to everyone that came out!  Here are a few pics of the day. 


Tech Clean


2x3 @ 65%

2x3 @ 68%

2x3 @ 70%

1x2 @ 75%

1x2 @ 78%


12 Min AMRAP

20 DL 155

15 Bar facing burpees

10 FRL 155

5 Hang Cleans


20 Min AMRAP

Teams of 2

Run 400m both members

PP 40 reps split anyway 95/55

Increase weights as followed each completed set 115/65 135/75 155/85

so on till time runs out


EMOM for 18 min

This is similar to a workout we did 06/24-those of you who were here can gauge improvement

Min 1 Cal Row 12/10

Min 2-2 Turkish Get Up AHAP

Min 3- 12 Jump Squats


Snatch Heavy

Sets E2MOM

2x2 @ 78%

2x2 @80%

1x2 @ 82%

1x1 @85%

1x1 @88%

1x1 @ 90%

then not for time

60 sec Hollow Hold

50 V Ups

40 Hollow Hold

30 V Ups

20 Hollow Hold

10 V Ups


Back Squats

Sets performed E2MOM

Set 1 -1x3 @ 70%

Set 2 - 1x3 @ 75%

Set3- 1x3 @ 80%

Set 4- 1x3 @85%

Set 5-1x3 @ 88%

These are just guidelines for working up to a 3RM,use sound judgement in increasing

For time:


WB 40-30-20-10

Ring Dips 20-15-10-5