WODs 8.24.15 - 8.28.15

This coming Saturday is The Urban Purpose Challenge at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Vestavia.  I helped put this competition together and it's designed so that anyone can participate.  The course from start to finish will take just over an hr.  You only have to be there for your heat.  i encourage you to come out and participate to show your support for the ministry.  The gym that brings the most teams wins a rower and I promise unlimited use.  I know that coach Sean and Shannon are looking for another coed pair to team up with them.  We have several teams already signed up. Come on out and join us.  Get more info by clicking here

This starts week four of our oly lifting cycle.  We have two to three more weeks here then we will be phasing into something new. 


Heavy Clean


2x2 @ 80%

2x2 @ 82%

1x2 @ 85 %

1x1 @ 88%

1x1 @ 90%

1x1 @ 92%


EMOM for 10 min

Min 1 Clean Pull 3 reps at 92% of max clean

Min 2 10 Burpees


Take 15 Minutes to

Front Squat to a 5RM


Death by Back Squat

Increase 1 rep each round using 90% of 5RM FS

Min 1 3 Back Squat

Min 2-12/10 Cal Row

Min 3-4 Back Squat

Min 4- 12/10 Cal Row

Min 5-5 Back Squat

so on till failure


1600m run

Rest 2 min

800m run

Rest 1 min

400m run

Work on Mobility 10-15 mins when done,coach can assist


Snatch Tech


2x3 @ 65%

2x3 @68%

2x3 @ 70%

1x2 @ 75%

1x2 @ 78%

50 DU

20 OHS 95/65

40 DU

15 Snatch Grip PP 95/65

30 DU

10 Snatch Balance 95/65

20 DU

5 Sot Press 95/65

10 DU


Teams of 2

80 Shuttle Sprints

60 Pullups

40 GHD or Med Ball Sit Up

20 HSPU or Deficit Pushups

1 Shuttle=From one end of gym to other