WODS 07/06/2015-07/10/2015

We hope that everyone had an awesome 4th.  Looking forward to an awesome week of work this week. I have felt a ton of momentum from all of our athletes. It makes me want to train harder. Keep up the mojo in the dojo. August 9th is the Team Mayhem on The Mountain competition at Oak Mountain.  Me , Bahama Drew , Katherine Strickland and Meredith "Game Face" Stewart will be on a mixed team together. It's tons of fun to have a big group competing together so find a team or ask us and we will help you.    

Warm ups are included in this weeks programming.    

Warm up to be performed as a group unless specified

400m row

Banded Hip Distraction 1-2 min each leg

Double KB presses 20 reps

Hollow Rock 20 Reps

Split Squat 20 Reps

Burpee 10 reps

Barbell GTO 10 reps

Work up to GTO weight

WOD Monday Mashup 07/06/2015

At start of clock           
30 GTO 135/95           
At 10:00           
3 Rds           
20 KBS 53/35           
20 Split Squats           
At 20:00           
7 Min AMRAP           
7 C2B           
7 BURPEES           
7 T2B           
Please scale accordingly to give some time for rest.            
If RX GTO for 30 reps will take you more than 7 mins you may want to lower weight to give rest time.          

Warm Up

30 Air Squats

30 Sit Ups

Seated Groin Stretch

Seated Hamstring Stretch

Dynamic Leg Swings 10-15 each leg

Work up to Starting FS Weight




WOD  07/07/2015


Front Squat            
6x6 at 70% +5-10lbs you may choose weight but maintain increase over next two weeks           

Core Conditioning      
Unbroken Sit Up Test           
Any set not unbroken results in 100m run for every set broken           
So the most someone could run breaking every set is 1100m           
Runs to be performed at end of all sit ups           
Warm Up

Run 400m

Couch Stretch 1 min on each side

w/ Empty Bar

20 Snatch Grip DL

20 Snatch Grip Press

20 OHS

20 Hang Snatch

5 Min on the Power Snatch(no squat)  

WOD 07/08/2015     For time and load
Row 2000m     (11 Min Time Cap)      
Rest 2 Min(you may load bar with opening snatch weight)           
6 Minutes to find a 1RM Power Snatch           
Run 800m           

Warm Up

2 rds

20 Pushups

20 WB

Then Plyometric Drills:
Broad Jumps           
Skiers 3x10           
3 attempts to achieve highest freestanding vertical leap           
(mark by using partner and finding spot on wall or rings or bar, measure highest point)          

WOD 07/09/2015        
7 Rounds           
10 Ring Pushups           
10 Box Jumps 24/20           
10 WB 20/14           
Scale-10 Paralette Push ups or Deficit Push ups or GS Push Ups           
Mobility on own Time           
Accumulate 3-5 Skin the Cats if possible           
Shoulder Dislocates with PVC 10-15           
Banded Shoulder Distraction Accumulate 1 Min on each arm http://crossfitgeneration.net/2013/07/25/joint-distraction/           
Right arm across body stretch 30-45 sec           
Left Arm across body 30-45 sec           
Warm Up

20 Jump Squats

20 Lunges

20 PVC pass throughs

Wrist Stretch Each Arm

Towel Stretch with PVC each arm

Work up to FS weight




WOD 07/10/2015

Front Squats           
7x5 @ 75%+5-10lbs           
Non Functional Friday           
2 rds of each           
Barbell Curls 10 reps start with 65/35 and go up if needed           
DB Curls 10 reps each arm start with 25/10-15 and go up if needed           
Hammer Curls 10 reps each arm-same as DB Curls           
Ring Rows 10 reps           
Forearm Curls each arm up and down start light for 2 sets of 20 10/5 lb plates           
Suns out guns out…..