WODs 7.20.15 - 7.24.15

Food is the foundation to achieving a "quality" level of fitness.  Most people are really challenged by this obstacle.  I love to cook and I also love to help people cook properly for themselves.  My food blog has a few of my favorites for your use.  I encourage you to be creative with your food and try new things.  My entry today is not completely paleo but yummy!  Check it out.  http://crossfitj19.com/eating/ 


EMOM 10 Min 2 Power Snatch

Start around 65-70% and go up based on feel

5 Min Discussion on the KB Snatch


3 KB Snatch 53/35

3 K2E

3 Burpees

6,6,6,9,9,9…..and so on increasing by 3 reps every round


Teams of 2

Work can be split any way you would like

For time:

100 Box Jumps 24/20

80 STO 115/80

60 BS 115/80

40 PP 115/80

20 OHS 115/80


4 rds of Tabata

Score is lowest reps per round



Mountain Climbers

Sit Ups



Front Squat

Take 15 min to find 1 Rep Max FS

Alternate between

Walking Lunges

3x14-20 steps holding DB weight as heavy or as light as you feel you can handle

Glute Bridges

3x8-12 with 2 sec squeeze at top of each rep

Good starting weights 95/55

Can be made more difficult by feet elevated on a bench



100 DU

50 Russian Twist 35/25

75 DU

50 V Ups

50 DU

50 Hanging Knee Raises

25 DU

50 sec L sit hold or Knee Tuck