WODS 06/29/2015-07/03/2015

Great weekend for Crossfit and Crossfit J19 at the Wodlife Summer Games. As a coach and friend I am so thankful for all of you who came out either competing or supporting. Saturday Coach Jaden Cowan came in 2nd in the RX Male Division over 51 other athletes. Saturday we had a male RX Team and one All Male Scaled team compete as well, We had athletes compete in their teens all the way up into their 40s. I love our community and watching everyone getting better daily. More opportunities to participate in competition will be coming, so look for you chance and come on out.

We are finishing up the 1st week of our new Front Squat Cycle. We will give you guys a chance at the end of the week to rest up and start the second part of it Monday. Please do your best during this  time to not miss these days. We are seeing that the proper combination of strength and endurance are promoting great results in our community. We have also added days for core and mobility to make sure we target all areas of our fitness. Our Front Squat Cycle will continue for 4-6 weeks but the emphasis on strength will not.

Considering it is the 4th we may have a modified schedule for Friday, so keep looking for an announcement on Facebook or the J19 page. Thank each and everyone of you for the hard work and commitment you put in day in and day out. We will take it a little lighter over this holiday week, let our batteries charge and come back full force next week. God Bless


Jerk Instruction

15 Min to work to 2 RM Jerk
7 Min Amrap
Push Press 95/65

Scaling option

V Up

Front Squat 10x3 @85%

2 sets of a 800m run rest 3 min between each set
Goal: Try to maintain a pace within 15 sec of first 800m

On own time Mobility focus Thoracic Spine
Foam Roll Upper Back
Standing Side Bends 10-15 bends on each side
Spiderman w/ Rotation http://www.kevinneeld.com/2013/hip-and-thoracic-mobilization
Cat and Camel 15 slow reps
Pretzel Stretch 30-1 min each side http://www.stretchify.com/glute-stretches/

8 min DU Practice
Play the game 1-2-3-4-5-UB if just getting them if you've had DU work on larger unbroken sets 10-20-30-40-50
50 DU
40 Thrusters 75/55
30 Bar Facing Burpees
20 Snatch 75/65
100m sprint

10 min Bar MU Discussion and Practice

Warm up to Heavy Power Clean

3 rds
7 Bar MU
7 205lb Cleans

Scaling Options
7 C2B or if rings available chest to ring pullups
7 Ring Dips

7 Pullups
7 Ring Supports

7 Ring Rows
7 Ring Supports or Deficit Pushups

Partners of 3 or 4

For Time
100 WB
2 Members of Team must HS Hold while other two members work on 100 WB
1 Working Member may work at a time
If team of 3 only one person may be in HS Hold

Partner Deadlift 100 Reps
All Male Teams-315
All Female Teams-225
Co-Ed Teams-255

Two members work on deadlifts together

100 Med Ball Situps
One member must hang from bar at all times-one member allowed to work at a time

HS Hold Scale is Plank Hold