WODs 5.25.15 - 5.29.15 - Memorial Day "Murph" 9 AM Only

T shirts are in. They are soft and look really cool. The extras are going fast.  If you ordered please get them asap. 

Congratulations to Tyler Price for bringing the most people to open house. He won a month dues for free.  Congratulations also to his wife for winning fastest RX female time 5:51 .  Robert Sturdivant's  buddy Matt Morris was the male RX winner 4:41.  

Monday 9 AM ONLY 

"Murph" (some will be team) Click here for the full "Murph" story.

1 Mile run

100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Body Squats

1 Mile Run

* You can partition the Pull ups, Push ups and squats any way


For those that missed "Murph" yesterday do it today.  (40 min time cap) 

If you completed "Murph" solo take today off. 

If you completed Team "Murph" come in and row 1600 meters casually and mobilize.


We had PR city on the back squat test last week.  We are going to complete the cycle by the end of next week and max one more time.  Try and make all the squat sessions. 

Back Squat

7x5 @ 75% 1 RM 

Between sets complete 15 Sit ups and 1 attempt at HSW or HSH.  Use a spotter if you don't have either. 



30 Reps Clean and Jerk 135/95