WODs 4.27.15 - 5.1.15 - Charlies Angels - Meltdown May 9th

If you are interested in the history and science of CrossFit  here is a recommended Read: Learning to breath fire -  Click here to learn more 

Coach Reeder's charity organization Charlies Angel's is back at it, helping a kiddo in need.  The Crossfit community always steps up and helps people in need.  This is a great opportunity to do that.  Get the details for Charlies Angels Meltdown here.  If you have not competed before this would be a great place to start. 

Monday - THIS WOD WILL MEET AT STAR LAKE - For location click here

10 Min Warm up jog for distance at.  Star Lake

Stretch and mobilize. 

Strength at J19

Back squat  - 28 Mins

8 x 4 at 80%


Find 1 RM Power Clean. 10 Mins

EMOM 5 Mins

1 Power Clean at 85% 1RM

Find 1 RM Power Snatch 10 Mins

EMOM 5 Mins

1 Power Snatch at 85% 1 RM

Mobility - 5 Mins


Foam Roll 


Push Ups


Tire Hammers

Double Unders


Mobility - 5 Mins



Back Squat 10 X 3 @ 80 1 RM



Pull Ups

Row Cal