WODs 4.20.15 - 4.24.15 - Order T-shirts this week.

A bunch of people got the mojo in the dojo. Let's keep it up!

Big thanks again to all that came out and helped us win a new rower for the dojo.  Awesome score!

If you want a new tshirt please click this link and put your name on the list.  We will order some extra but if your name is on the list we will be sure to have your size.

We are going to start a new squat strength cycle this week.  If you want your Olympic lifts to go up then you should be excited about this. If you are trying to lose fat then you should also be excited about this.


If you do not have a 1 RM back squat please find that.


Back Squat 6x6 at 70% 1 RM



L-Pullups , Strict Pull Ups or the next mod
2 x Wall Ball Shots @ 20/14#

*Each time you drop the Wall Ball before completing your set, you owe 5 Burpees.


Run widow maker hill route. Take right on lorna then right down rocky ridge back to gym.

8 Mins to find a  1 RM Clean and Jerk

Do the run again.


For Time:

5   2 Minute rounds with 2 minutes rest in between.

Each round will start with a 100 Meter Sprint then you will complete one of the five exercises listed for the remainder of 2 minutes.

Burpees onto a plate.

Double Unders

Tire Hammers

KB Swings 70/53

Box Jumps


Back Squat

7x5 at 75% 1 RM


Partner WOD

AMRAP 15 min
P1: 200m Row
P2: ME GS Pushups

*Switch partners every 200m
*Scored by total Pushups


Death by sit ups and hollow arch

The first minute you will do 1 sit up and hollow arch.  The second you will do 2 and then add one each minute until you can not maintain within a minute.