WODs 3.30.15 - 4.3.15 - Special Schedule

Spring Break week Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   If you are spring breaking this week do your best not to be a complete bump on a pickle. A 2 minute amrap is better than nothing at all.  Get your heart rate up somehow.  

Schedule changes for the week.  There will not be a 9:15 AM or 11:30 AM Class this week. 


10 Rounds For Time

5 Fronts Squats with 85% Max Clean from the floor

Row 250 Meters or Ride 30 Cals

You can start on row or FS. 


Bowen - 35 Min Strict Time Cap

3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
275/205-lb. deadlifts, 7 reps
10 burpee pull-ups
53-lb. single arm kettlebell thrusters, 14 reps (7 each arm)
20 box jumps, 24-inch box


2 Rounds For Time - Complete in order


Push Ups 

Double Unders


Sit Ups

Double Unders


8 Mins coaching on the overhead presses. 

"Overhead Party" - Share a bar.  Do not drop bars from overhead with thin plates only. 

Start with an empty bar. 

EMOM add 10 Pounds

Start with strict press then go to push press , push jerk, split jerk

When complete 

Cash out with one minute max calories on the Air Dyne.


5 Mins working on your greatest mobility need. 

3 Rounds 1 minute  at each station.  Must move through stations in order that you start. 

Tire Hammers - Do not hit yourself or someone else with the hammer please.

Muscle Ups or C2B Pull Ups , Pull Ups or Jumping Pull Ups

Russian Twists  45/35