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This open will come to an end this week.  It's been my favorite by far.  Standards were good and the movements have been challenging. Many people could not do the movements as required. I'm betting that many will will be able to do them next time.  Rich Froning struggled climbing the ropes then he won four games. If you could not do muscle ups or HSPU big deal.  Do them next year.  Train hard.



Back Squat

2×6 @ 75, 80%
4 @ 85%
3 @ 90%
2 @ 95%


Find a 1RM


12 min instruction and practice on Bar Muscle Ups


For time:

60 Ring Rows
50 Box Jumps @ 24”/20”
40 Burpees


Immediately upon completion of workout:

AMRAP 4 min
Bar Muscle Ups


Bench Press
Find a 5RM Bench Press


5 reps @ 70% of 5RM


400m Run
40 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
80 Double Unders

*12 min cutoff*



EMOM for 30 minutes:
1st min: 2 Power Snatches
2nd min: 4 Power Cleans
3rd min: rest and add weight to bar

Only one bar used. Increase load each round if possible.

Starting Weights:

Rx: 135/85#
Gold: 115/65#
Silver: 75/55#
Bronze: Empty bar


CrossFit Open 15.5