WODs 3.2.15 - 3.6.15

March is already here.... Can you believe it?  Time to dig in!  The start of the 2015 open has been nothing short of awesome.  You have time to participate until 6:00 PM tomorrow.  If you have questions don't hesitate to ask me or one of the coaches.

This weeks warm up will be Burpees to Roxanne or song of coaches choice. Then double unders or singles for three minutes every time the rope catches the foot its 3 burpees. The goal is to do as few burpees as possible.



7 Rounds
30s ME Handstand Walking or Handstand Holds
30s rest
30s ME Kettlebell Swings
30s rest
30s ME Wall Ball Shots@  20/14
30s rest



Front Squat

3 x 6 @ 70, 75, 80%
4 @ 85%
3 @ 90%



1000m Row
50 Thrusters @ 45/45#
30 Pull-Ups


Partner Workout

AMRAP 20 Mins
P1: Row 15/12 Cals
P2: 4 Deadlifts @ 315/205#    Scaled/Masters 250/155
ME Step-Down Box Jumps @ 24/20”

In this workout Partner 1 rows while Partner 2 tries to score box jumps. Partner 2 must first perform 4 deadlifts before starting box jumps. After “buying in” with 4 deadlifts each and every round, Partner 2 may score as many box jumps as possible in the remaining time it takes Partner 1 to finish the row. Athletes switch roles every time the row is completed. The partner on box jumps must stop scoring reps as soon as his partner’s row is completed. Score is total box jumps.


12 min to find a 10RM bench press


EMOM 5 Mins
10 reps @75% of 10RM

Then AMRAP 8 Mins

50 Double Unders

20 Sit Ups

20 Russian Twists 45/35


Open WOD 15.2