WODs 11.30.15 - 12.4.15 - Register For Grinch Games

I hope that everyone is having a great Thanksgiving break!  We visted lot's of family and ate tons of good food. Good tasting food for sure!  My body is currently in revolt.  Our goal is to train hard these next couple of weeks to prepare for the next round of festivities.  We encourage you to do the same. 

Getting excited about our 4th annual Grinch Games competition on December 19th here at J19. Grinch Games is all about fun and building community as we get ready break again for Christmas and New Years.  Everyone is ready to participate in Grinch Games.  You do not have to be an experienced J19 er to participate.  I (Kelly) make four person teams as even as I can. Please register by the end of this week to get a tshirt. 

Wod 1 will be a short obstacle course race that will include climbing walls, worms , tires and other implements of challenge.  The course will be timed based on when the entire team finishes so know one will get left behind. 

Wod 2 Cumulative team max Clean and Jerk. (10 Min) 


Time is from 8:30 AM until 12:30 PM

Check out info from previous years Grinch Games and Register by following this link.  I plan to place the t shirt order by the end of this week. 



Complete 7 FS followed immediately by 13 BS

3x7/13 @65% of 1RM FS from last week

If you were not here find 1RM FS and make these up on Thursday



10 STO 135

10 Pullups

2 min rest


10 HC 135

10 HR Pushups


EMOM 12 Min

Start with 60-65% of Snatch Max and go up

Min 1 - 5 Hang Snatch

Min 2- 10 Box Overs 24/20


EMOM 12 min

Min 1 5 Snatch High Pulls with 110% of best 5RM Hang Snatch

Min 2 5-10 Strict T2B

Accumulate 50 Back Extensions


5x300m Row

1:30 sec rest between each set

Rest 3 min

Run 1 Mile

Stretch and mobilize


EMOM 10 min

On barbell movement go for entire 20 sec,do not count time it takes to pickup bar

20 sec begins on first completed rep

20 sec on/40 sec off

Min 1 Thrusters 95/65

Min 2 Burpees

If you had to find 1RM FS skip this portion and make up squats from Monday


5 Rounds

15 KB SDHP 70/53

10 K2E

5 Wall Climbs


20 Min AMRAP

1 Bear Complex

15 WB

30 DU

Increase Bear Complex by 1 rep each round