WODs 11.16.15 - 11.20.15 OMG

Next week is Thanksgiving.  The year is sizzling by.  

Thanksgiving Schedule:  Closed Thanksgiving 11/26.  Friday 11/27 : 9:30 AM Only

Grinch Games  "Whomanity"  is December 19th.  More info here.  Going to be a blast. Get registered so I can start making teams.  If your new to the gym or have never participated get more info.  Here.

Deload - Working on some recovery this week. 


EMOM for 8 min

1 Clean at 75% of 1RM


In teams of 2 row 2000 meters for time

Partner A rows 100 meters while Partner B rest. You must switch every 100 meters. 

The goal is to land on 100m exactly when you make the change.

Both partners must complete 1 Burpee for every meter over or under. 

Your score is your time. 


3x10 BS at 85% of BW

If you struggled to perform 10 at BW during cycle perform at last percentage of BW you were able to get 15 or more

Run 400m

Rest 2 min

Run 400m

Rest 2 min

Run 800m

Rest 2 min

Run 1600m


EMOM 12 min

Min 1 20 sec Hollow Hold

Min 2 30 sec Russian Twist 35/25

Min 3 40 sec Mountain Climber




DL 225


Stretch and do mobility


Teams of 3

100 Med Ball Sit Ups

70 Pullups

50 times over the wall

30 FRL steps 135/85

10 Thrusters 135/85


30sec on 30 sec off for 8 min

ME Air Squats



30 Snatch 135/95

Stretch and mobilize