WODs 10.19.15 - 10.23.15 - Battle of The Ages this Saturday October 24th.

We are very excited about The first Battle of The Ages competition this Saturday at CFJ19. Thank you to all of those who are volunteering to help make the day a success!  We would love for everyone to come watch the action. 

We are so blessed and thankful for all of the relationships that are developed at J19.  We hope that everyone is changed for the better every time they walk through the doors.  

Every person at J19 walked through the door with butterflies in their stomach on the first day not sure what to expect.  I have watched time and time again how people make others feel comfortable and welcome.  Thank you so much for being a community of people that help other break down barriers.  As a community we are truly making a difference!  

We have a new intro course starting on November 9th.  If you have people that you want to find out more about J19 direct them to this video.  Register Here!


Work to a max OHS

then 2:00 ME OHS at 50% of 1 RM

Rest 3 min

14 Min AMRAP

5 Bar MU

10 FRL 115/75

50 DU


3 Rounds

For max reps Fight Gone Bad Style

Min 1 -PP 75/55

Min 2-Stone to Shoulder AHAP

Min 3 Cal Row

Min 4- Pushups

Min 5 SDHP 75/55



5 attempts at best broad jump

( Battle of the Ages Wod 4)


800m run

200m Plate Carry 35/25 (use either hand

400m run

200m Plate Carry OH 35/25

800m run

Plate carry must be gripping plate and not through center hole


Back Squats

1 set 95% BW for men and 85% BW for women

If last week you were unable to get at least 10 BS keep the same percentage from last week and try again


Every 3 min for 5 rounds

20 Burpees

With remainder of time complete 1 snatch

You may choose load

It may be same load or different each round

Score is total weight lifted over rounds


In groups each member accumulate 5 legless rope climb or best effort



Thruster 135/85

Wall Climbs