WOD 9.17.14 - 10 Days until Charlies Angels

Find a teammate and get registered for the next Charlies Angels. If you have never competed then this is a great place to start.  Competition is an experience that will improve all other areas of your training. If you are on the fence talk to me or another coach. I promise you will love it. This is for a great cause! Register at www.charliesangelscf.com 

Not For Time

50 GHD Sit Ups or med ball sit ups

50 Back Extensions or Supermans   - Break Up as needed



AMRAP 8 min

8 Pushups

3 Deadlifts starting @ 225/155 lb

*After 4 rounds increase load to 275/185 lb

*After 8 rounds increase load to 305/205 lb

Bars can be shared on this WOD.  Only one bar can be set up. Weight must be loaded as workout progresses