2014 - Grinch Games WODS - FINAL REVISION

WOD #1

4 X 400 Meter Relay For Time - 1 Member will run 400 meters and tag another when complete.  All four members must run a leg of the 400. 

WOD #2

8:00 Mins to find a cumulative team power clean max.  It can be any type of clean.  Each team will have a female and male bar. Only one person can lift at a time.  At the beginning of the 8th minute, the entire team will complete max rep burpees in 3 minutes. 

Burpees will be chest and hips to the deck and then jump on a plate. 

The score will be clean max plus total number of burpees. 

Wod #3

 10 Min time cap

2 Members can work at a time.

Back Squat a total poundage of 15,000.  This may be broken up by any weight and rep scheme. Only one member can back squat at a time. The 15000 pounds must be completed in the the allotted time or every pound less will be deducted from total score. 

Once the squat weight is complete one member at a time can perform max double unders. 

The other member will be performing AMRAP of the following exercises. The work will be completed in order with one member working at a time. 

50 Box Jumps 20/24

50 KB Swings - 53/35 

50 Wall Ball Shots - 10/9   20/14   - Each rep must start with a squat with hip crease breaking the plane of the top of the knee. The ball must cover the target. 

The score will be total reps completed of Box Jumps, Kettle Bell Swings  and Wall Balls plus double unders after squat weight is accomplished.