WOD 10.28.14 - Happy Birthday Coach Reeder

If you have not tasted Chef Mooney's Paleo dinners delivered right to the gym at 5:30 PM daily Monday - Thursday, you are missing out.  I could not even wait until I got home before I devoured mine.  Go to this link and check out the menu. It all starts with food so it might as well be good food. All I can say is yum!

Tomorrows chipper compliments of Coach Reeder on his birthday. Happy 32nd Birthday Brett!


12 Mins to find a 3 rep max front squat

Then  "32, Bday 10/28/1982  For Time

32 Double Unders

10 Snatches 135/95  Masters/Scaled 115/75

28 Burpees over the bar

82 Wall Balls 20/14  - Every time the wall balls are broken add a 200 meter run on to the end. 

Time includes runs on the end.