WOD 1.8.14 - Charlies Angels: Max Effort Wod 1 and 2

Charlies Angels ; Maximum Effort - Wod 1 and 2



8 Minutes to establish your heaviest complex of:
Deadlift + Hang Clean + Full Clean

Deadlift, the barbell will start from the floor and finish with the athlete standing at full extension.
Hang Clean, the barbell will begin from above the knee and finish in full lockout front rack position.
Full Clean, the barbell must return to the floor but must be a "tap and go" only and finish in full lockout front rack position.


Every minute on the minute for 5 Minutes:
Complete 7 Wallball 30#/20#, 10'/8'
ME Atlas Stone Shoulders 95#/45# w/ Remainder of Minute

At the end of the 5th minute, immediately transition to:
30 Second Plank Hold
20 Box Overs 30"/24"
30  Situps 

Upon finishing, you have until the 10th minute to establish ME Double-Unders.
Post two separate scores for this event:
1) Total Number of Stone Shoulders and 2) Total Number of Double-Unders.

Slamball/Stone Shoulders: Objects will start on the floor and the rep will end when the athlete brings the weight up and over the shoulder. To count as a good rep the athlete must be in full lockout as the weight travels over the shoulder.
Wallball: The hip crease must pass below the hip crease. This must be an obvious pass, any questionable rep will be a "no-rep". The rep will end when the ball passes at or over the target. There will be no warnings, if the ball is below the target the rep will be considered a "no-rep".
Plank Hold: Athletes will accumulate 30 seconds in the top of a plank (or push-up). Nothing may touch the ground aside from the athletes toes and hands.
Box-Overs: Start on one side of the box, and end on the other side of the box. Two feet must be on the ground to be considered a "good rep". Your hands may not touch the box. You may not go around the box. Hip extension not required.
Situps: Back must touch the ground and your torso must finish perpendicular or past to be considered a good rep. Weighted Situps the ball must touch the ground above your head, touching the ground beside you head is considered a "no-rep".
Double-Unders: The rope passes underneath the athlete twice for every one jump.
Single-Unders: The rope passes once for every jump.
For all exercises: Any questionable rep is considered a "no-rep", there are no warnings, this is considered your warning. Your judge will however tell you why it is a "no-rep". This is all in an effort to keep the playing field 100% even. Whoever wins our event will be the fittest athlete, not the one who gets the most lenient judge.

Athletes will be scored separately on the total number of shoulders completed and total number of Doubles/Singles completed. These scores will NOT be added together or averaged. So again, these will be registered separately and be reflected in your ranking as if this one event were two events. Prepare accordingly.

If you don't have access to a stone feel free to come by CrossFit Trussville and try ours out, we have heavier stones if you'd like to try them
too. If you can complete the standards and weights (most notably the Clean and Jerk) listed on the event page then you can lift the prescribed stone weight.