WOD 1.1.2014 - 11 AM ONLY - Come sweat it out.

Happy New Year To All!!!!   We have great expectations for 2014.  Paleo Challenge will kick off January 9th.  Charlies Angels: Maximum Effort Competition/ Fund Raiser is January 11th. Brett Reeder is a great friend, coach and brother and leader to us at J19. His daughter Charlie Jean is battling her little heart out. Step up, sign up and support them with your sweat. It is going to be awesome!!  Get info and sign up here 

WOD 1.1.2014   11AM ONLY

This will be a partner WOD. 1 Person will work at a time.

Here are the movements:

14 Rounds

14 KB Swings

14 Sit Ups

14 Push Ups



Charlie Jean.jpg