WOD 12.5.13

Saturday December 21st will be our second annual "Grinch Games" .  

This is for all J19 members.  Get more info on the event page of FB Click Here

He's a mean one Mr. Grinch!

Teams of 4 will complete 3 WODS. We will also have our final of the J19 Team Championship. 

Last years "Grinch Games" was a blast! Check out this video from last year -http://youtu.be/ChjXvp4WHo8 This year will be no exception!

Kelly will be picking the teams as evenly as possible. This event is only for J19 Members. 

Sign up here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yZ2vmnk2zoSoDdhO2K9G4sTUIiFDctzasd9aZjyqecQ/viewform




10 minutes to find a 5RM back squat
5 minute EMOM of 2 back squats @ 5RM load
-then (no rest)-

1 set AMRAP touch and go deadlift @ 5RM  back squat.

* Must stop if technique breaks down beyond safe limits. (Coach will tell you.)


20 glute ham raises.  (Broken up as you see fit)  Click for demo