WOD 11.13.13 - Bro -down

There is a bunch of opinions from a lot of smart people about CrossFit right now. Anytime you are involved with a fast growing sport there will be a bunch of opinions and a lot to learn for everyone.   The sport of CrossFit is exploding. 

Kids look up to the guys that are winning the CrossFit Games.  They want to be like Rich Froning. God bless Rich for being a great leader.  

Anyway, I love CrossFit for a lot of reasons.  One of my favorites happened today.  

As simple as flipping a tire may sound, it's hard work when done a bunch of times.

When you add a partner it gets even more interesting.  It reminds me of the feeling that i once had when it was 4th and goal with 8 seconds left on the clock down by 6 points. You are tired but push hard because you want to win and not disappoint your teammates.   I have witnessed many experience that same feeling over the last couple of days.  I salute you for your hard work. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment because you earned it.  Peace, Kelly

"First Frost of The Season"

10 Mins  

Work up to 1 rep max power cean.


Every 30 Seconds  For 5 Mins    1 Power Clean at 85%

Then AMRAP In 4 Mins  

2 Strict Ring Dips

30 Second Hollow Rock hold on the rings or Box 

10 Barbell Roll Outs  

Then - Foam Roll