WOD 10.9.13


Mobility Tip -   Improving the squat: Hip Flexion and External Rotation

WOD - 5 - Rounds For Time: 

50 Double Unders  - Click for demo

Sprint 200 Meters

Rest exactly 60 seconds between Rounds

Cash out 400 Meters Farmers Carry 50 or >/ 90 or >

Paleo tip of the day:  

Paleo Snack Options For Work

It’s a great plan to have an emergency Paleo kit in your desk at work. This way whether your caught sort, or don’t have time for lunch, you always have a fast Paleo snack at your fingertips. If you’re buying pre packages tins and packets, make sure you check the ingredients and get the best quality available. These options should store and keep well for a while in your desk; perfect for an emergency stash!


1. A tin of tuna or salmon

2. A good quality packet of beef jerky (or make your own)

3. Put together a trail mix of your favourite nuts and seeds

4. Some dark chocolate

5. Larabars  are a good emergency option

6. Coconut flakes will also store well

7. A jar of coconut oil.  and spoon will provide some good fat when you need it most.