WOD 10.14.13 - Test 1 - J19 Team Championship

We have decided to make the top 32 qualify for this years team championship.  

There will be 8 male teams and 8 female teams.  

In case you missed the first agenda, you can review it here -  



Complete 5 times (your score will be an average of all 5 attempts)  rest as much as need between sets with 30 minute time cap.

Test 1: Bench Press 1 rep followed by max set of Pull-ups

Performance: Ramp up to a one-rep max and within 30 seconds of racking the lift begin the pull-ups. Any grip is allowed on the pull-ups as long as the range of motion is complete - all the way up and down.

Scoring: Multiply the bench press load in pounds by the number of pull-ups completed.

Modifications: Where needed use an assisted pull-up device such as a band

Character: This tests the upper body for both absolute and relative strength and stamina.