Success Stories



Cary Miller

The changes are real.  Instead of Crossfit goals I'll give you a few real life changes that I have noticed.  minus 6" in my waist.  BP down from 135/95 to 120/76.  went skiing last month for the first time in 10 years...breezed through it with no sore muscles afterward.




Jason Cross

Been going for over a year now.  I'm hooked.  Its pretty humbling getting beat by my wife every workout, but other than that its all good.  Looking forward to getting my 12 year old boys in there this summer.


Charlie Shell

Amazing improvements in strength and body composition at CrossFit J19 in only 4 months.  Started not being able to do 1 pull up to completing 10 unassisted. 


Lisa Borden Flipping Tires

Lisa Borden 

I am always by far the oldest and usually the only woman at my particular class time - ladies, if you think CrossFit is not for you, please think again.  I'm 51 and after a year of CrossFit am in better shape than I was 10 or 15 years ago.  I feel great.  The most amazing thing is that my bone density has increased significantly.  I went from a mild case of osteopenia to solidly average bone density without taking any medication.  Since my mom has a screaming case of osteoporosis, I consider this a major victory. And yes, occasionally I beat the guys at something, and that is very satisfying.

Joe Jumping.jpg
Joe Cowan

Last June was a cross road for me physically.  I had just turned 41, was struggling with some health/sleep issues, and had seen my weight balloon to 300 pounds.  I literally could not get on the floor and play with my two year old Jack or my girls without my knees hurting for days.  I tried p90x at home and had some success, but quickly lost the willpower after a month or so and went right back to old habits.  My first day at J19, I could not even get through 1/2 of Helen and seriously  thought I was going to have a heart attack.  I would have quit right then and there if it were not for the encouragement of KellyandStaci Olcott, and a whole bunch of (then) strangers who told me that I could do this and they would be there to help.  They said: just give it another day, then another week, then just one month - you'll see.  And they were right.  Today I am down 40lbs, I have more flexibility and strength than I have had since college, and, best of all my knees don't hurt at all (except on lunge day!). That's what J19 is all about to me.  Its a group of good people lead by great teachers pulling hard for each other every day.  Accountability and camaraderie.  You can do crossfit anywhere, but for me I don't think I would have made such huge gains and, more importantly, kept this up (5-6 days a week!) anywhere else.  As I say to someone at J19 every day : "thanks for the push!"


Vickey Syzmela 

Well I have been doing Crossfit for 15 months, starting out in Kelly and Staci's basement.  At the start I couldn't do 1 assisted pull up and had trouble just lifting the 'bar'.  Now, though not as advanced as some, I surprise myself at what I CAN do. I am now off my medications for osteopenia also. Yep anyone can do this I'm 56.

Emily Kettle Bell.jpg

Emily Littrell 

All I can say is: what I once feared, I truly now embrace! I started a little over a year ago and today I completed my first sprint triathalon!! When I first started, I gained 5 lbs in 3 months and multiple people asked me what I was doing to lose weight because I looked great. I figured out I was gaining muscle and losing inches. My body was changing for the better! Today I am down 10 pounds total but have gained much in strength and confidence! Thanks for all that you do! I'm looking forward to see what I will achieve in the year to come!


Christen Butler 

I was never an athlete when I was younger. After gaining 100 lbs after high school because I let life happen to me, I finally decided I couldn't live like that. I was too embarrassed to workout in front of people so the first 50 lbs I lost on my own. However, I couldn't stay motivated alone. I wanted to try crossfit a year before I ever stepped into the box for the first time. I just knew I would never be able to keep up and that I would be laughed out of the gym. I was right, I wasn't able to keep up the first time. I was completely wrong too, I was encouraged and cheered on by everyone there. I have been coming 4-5 times a week since January and I have lost 20 lbs and 2 dress sizes. I have 25 more lbs until I reach goal but I have already accomplished so much more. I have Rx-ed a WOD, gotten stronger, gained confidence, and learned to appreciate my body for what it can do and not what it looks like. I have also met some of the most awesome people! The best part is on the days when I finish last, I still have a sense of accomplishment and the largest cheering section. Love you guys Kelly and Staci!