J19 Jasper - Home of CrossFit 205

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It all started when…

J19 Jasper is a welcoming community of local people working together to maintain and achieve their fitness goals.  All of our classes are led by a professional coach.  Wherever you may be on your fitness journey J19 Jasper is the right place for you.

Jasper Intro Schedule: T, TH 6PM and Saturday 10 AM

Please contact us for regular class rates. 

Couples and families get discounts up to 15%.

Public Service - Police , Teachers, Fire and Military get significant discounts.

Please be a few minutes early to all classes.


M-TH : 5 AM - 9 AM - 4 PM - 5 PM - 6 PM

Friday : 5 AM - 9 AM - 4 PM - 5 PM

Saturday 9 AM

We look forward to talking to you.

Email us at 205crossfit@gmail.com or Call us at 404-606-4122  or 256-458-2325.